Joaquim Pimenta
Visual designer

OBLA is captivating personal project brought to life by Joaquim Pimenta.

Joaquim Pimenta is a creative powerhouse, serving as a Creative Director, Designer, and Illustrator with a deep passion for Character Design.

Having graduated in Communication Design, Joaquim is currently based in Porto, where he channels his creative prowess from him as a visual designer in the IT industry. However, Joaquim's artistic endeavors extend far beyond his professional work. He dedicates himself to self-initiated projects that allow him to freely express his skills and explore the depths of his imagination.

Joaquim's creative process is sparked by moments of mindfulness found in everyday life. It is during these moments that characters spring forth from his vivid imagination, insisting that they deserve a chance to be brought to life. Joaquim believes that fiction can often be more captivating than reality itself, and he embraces this belief by crafting unique and intriguing characters.

With a blend of artistic expertise and boundless imagination, Joaquim Pimenta breathes life into his creations through his masterful character designs. Each character is a testament to his passion and dedication, showing his ability to evoke emotions, tell stories, and capture the essence of a personality within a visual form.

Whether it's whimsical creatures, heroic adventurers, or mischievous beings, Joaquim's characters transport us to captivating worlds where imagination knows no bounds. Through his personal project, Obla, Joaquim shares his artistic vision and invites us to join him on a journey into the extraordinary.

What does OBLA mean?

OBLA puts together two words "listen" and "there", it is an expression used by the people of Porto "Listen there!
Something like this: - Obla, do you want a beer?

OBLA is the umbrella of Joaquim Pimenta's creative activity, since 1994, this expression has accompanied his involvement in numerous projects in various domains. OBLA has marked its presence in different creative areas. Joaquim Pimenta, visual designer in the IT area, has developed multidisciplinary projects as creative director and set designer for children's TV programs, animation cinema, motion graphics, web design and graphic arts.


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